The Singles Keep On Coming

Image from paris_monster’s Facebook Page

Written by Ljubinko Zivkovic

Around late November and early December is the season when the album releases quite down, but the singles keep on coming. So, here is a batch of some interesting releases that do not necessarily hit the top of the review lists, but possibly should…

1). Adam Coney – Pavillion

Instrumentals, particularly solo guitar singles, do not sound like “great singles material.” But guitarist Coney demonstrates an incredible technique, and he coupled it with a thoughtfully done video.

Anybody who is familiar with the work of Vinnie Rilley, also known as Durutti Column, should certainly pick up this one as well as Coney’s forthcoming album (Spring 2019).

Video uploaded by Trestle Records (YouTube)

2). Darkwing – Quid Facere 

Brooklyn/New Jersey quartet Darkwing seem to still be the purveyors of what could be called the “Pure Soul” of Indie Rock. All those qualities that were so characteristic of that “Nirvana rush” and “Pavement ” dropping in to add some not so familiar rhythm changes. Well, maybe not at the time.

But Darkwing seem to have mastered that sound quite well and are obviously intent on keeping it alive. From their recent Super Silver EP.

Audio uploaded by Good Eye Records (SoundCloud)

3). Lampland – Don’t Drive

Lampland serves as a monicker for Tommy Bazarian, another Brooklyn musician who for his part is more of a folk-oriented soul, with a connection to brilliant Katie Von Schleicher.

On “Don’t Drive,” he explores all shades of Neil young – from the slow piano intro to a louder, guitar-driven for rest of the tune. His February album, No Mood, seems to be the one to watch.

(Link to his website)

4). paris_monster – Andalusia

Now, the sound of New York’s paris_monster is not so easy to put a finger on, but is certainly something that sticks to your ears! Trying to combine elements that seemingly should not work together, Andalusia is a slow ballad with some great vocals and some pumping electronic rhythms.

Sounds much better than explained. Yet another band with an upcoming album in 2019.

Audio uploaded by paris_monster (SoundCloud)

5). Little Person – I’m Happy to Be With You

Brothers Nicky and Max Weinbach are more in favor for that “Nineties” motto brought by the Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience’s quiet is the new loud.

But on this track, they have updated the Simon & Garfunkel tendencies with some tasteful background electronics that complement this very pleasant tune.

Audio uploaded by Little Person (SoundCloud)

6). Harms – Aquarium

Jake Harms is someone who obviously cherishes David Bowie, John Cale, and the whole moody side of Velvet Underground. He’s also in touch with the sound of the “Eighties followers” of the same trend, like Psychedelic Furs.

Nothing wrong with that, actually very commendable. With the title tracks from his new EP, he does that sound justice.

Audio uploaded by Good Eye Records (SoundCloud)

7). Death By Piano – Countdown

NYC duo Death By Piano added some tasty Darkwave music and a good video presentation for their single.

Kalen Lester has one of those enticing voices and along with Greywolf, her partner in crime, they have come up with a slow-burning number that bodes well for their leanings towards that 4AD sound.

Video uploaded by Death By Piano (YouTube)

8). Alex Bloom – Elevator

Here’s a young singer/songwriter who already had a song of his featured in the Netflix movie The Open House. On Elevator, Bloom goes more for a band sound than a standard singer/songwriter fare, and he is better for it!

“I wrote a song about the existential elevator ride of life,” says Alex, high aspirations and a promise that he can back them up.

Video uploaded by Alex Bloom (YouTube)

9). Yola – Ride Out In The Country

Now, you might not have heard of Yola. After all, she started out as a homeless person on the streets of London. But she certainly had enough talent to join Massive Attack and open for late James Brown. Oh, and to have this number and her forthcoming album produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.

A brilliant slice of Country Soul that should please even those that are not really into the genre.

Video uploaded by Easy Eye Sound (YouTube)

Ljubinko Zivkovic is a Freelance Journalist and Copy Writer. You can read more of his material on his Medium page at

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