Kaytranada’s ‘Nothin Like U/Chance’ Single

Image from complex.com

Kaytranada’s show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago was one of the first concerts I’ve ever attended. Kaytranada held such a show that made it seem like a nightclub event rather than a standard concert.

His multitude of styles absorbed into a single sound never grows stale, which allows his live performances to pop with sensuous breadth.

HIs 2016 album, 99.9% proved that with full transparency. The midnight marauders finally found something that satiated their need for music that, at one point in time, the likes of Louis Vega helped cultivate.

Although this could be a misinterpretation, I find his sound to be a mixing of R&B and Neo-Soul grooves implemented with Haitian, aural dialect and Deep House bumps. It could be more or less, but nevertheless, his erudition within the field of music is no less impressive.

Kaytranada has been busy with international touring and his collaborative efforts. Assuming what he does with his spare time, he managed to release a single under his name in a handful of months. Nothin Like U/Chance consists of three tracks with two instrumental versions attached with them.

Image from revolt.tv

With regards to Kaytranada’s proven capacity, the tracks don’t quite reach up there. Although, I don’t think they’re supposed to. The track Nothin Like U is a benign form of his sound. Ty Dolla $ign adds to the instrumental with his romantic plea apparent in much of modern Dance music.

Chances is the more enjoyable track of the three tracks. Shay Lia’s vocals undulate smoothly with Kaytranada’s melting chords and yelping synths. The single ends with the track It Was Meant 2 B. The track is the more pouncing track of them all, without the support of any vocal supplement.

The chords stomp forward as the beats straddle backward. No much else is going on here, but it’s a decent instrumental to end off of.

With this month exposing music from the likes of Little Dragon, The Alchemist, and Earl Sweatshirt, there’s no need for Kaytranda to shine once again with another single or album.

When it’s his time to shine, he will shine.

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