Catching On Too Late to Nancy Sue Wilson

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Jazz vocalist Nancy Sue Wilson, whose career spanned since the late 1950s, had passed away on December 13, 2018. Sources vaguely revealed the place of her death or the cause of her fate. All that’s recorded is that she passed away in Pioneertown, California and that she had been ill for quite some time.

Whether she died in peace or not would be anyone’s guess, but those who listened to her music knew he passed away leaving behind her a legacy of shining remnants of her recorded remedies.

I’ve listened to my first song from her moments after the announcement of her passing. One of the major compositions that speared her name across social media and search engines was the track Guess Who I Saw Today.

Video uploaded by Deanna Sabido (YouTube)

The very highlights of her vocal demonstrations aren’t even present in this composition. What instead compelled my attention was her nonchalance and nearly whispering tone over a sedating Jazz arrangement.

Her voice is the main instrument of the composition. The bass just barely pelts a pebble in the background but is still seen in shadows.┬áThe piano chords and cymbals sparsely reign present, as they instead levy the forefront for Wilson’s story to be the very essence of the composition.

What logically foretells a harrowing tale of a mutt caught in the act of cheating is sonically expelled with such melting vibrations. Wilson does not sound like she’s in pain.

Near the end of the composition, what was first new to me instantly became recognizable when a fragment of her voice was sampled and colored by one of my favorite Hip-Hop projects of my high school years.

Video uploaded by Drift Deeper (YouTube)

It’s apparent that her voice and work is most heavily respected by the students of music. Never have I heard Nancy Wilson compared to the likes of Dinah Washington or Billie Holiday. Her passing reinstated the gap she bridged between Smooth Jazz and soulful Pop music.

Such as the likes of the late Aretha Franklin, Wilson adapted to evolving times. As Music morphed itself to the style of the decades, Wilson accommodated her natural voice into the sounds of tomorrow.

Hello Like Before is a composition she recorded in the midst of the 1990s, where the bridge between Soul and Pop have already interlaced and emerged as a conventional entity.

Video uploaded by Smooth Jazz Radio Show (YouTube)

Wilson demonstrated her impeccable capability through her consistent accommodations over the years. Having a career lasting over five decades is not a simple feat.

For that, her students will forever thank her and the newcomers will forever be studying her material, as I will forever be grateful for discovering her material. Although, unfortunately, catching on too late to her breathing presence.

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