Mujo & Hakone’s Winter Nights

Chicago is now witnessing one of the more quietest winters the city’s experienced in years. The blazing January snow is substituted by Spring’s early showers and airy sun rays. The last time the city had experienced a significant snow assault was somewhere in November.

The recent holiday season has forgotten a vital aspect of the period. Besides the post-Christmas gloom America tends to experience around this time, Americans are seen out and about, promenading through outside shopping centers and posting upon parking lots and backyards. Wherever Mujo had crafted this compilation, there must have been a significant seasonal impact in his part of the world.

Winter Nights is a collaboration effort between lo-fi artist Mujo and an unforeseen beat craftsman, Hakone. This was released on New Year’s Eve of 2018, which could serve as a recollection on the bustling holiday season aiding the chilling weather.


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Winter Nights is visually supported by gorgeous cover art, which attributes to Mujo’s typical cut-up and pasted album covers. It also displays a tribute to the evening time, where the winter snow holds the most beauty. Similar to Wun Two’s archives of winter-inspired projects, this EP holds eleven tracks, all effortless with the flow of the season.

Fireplace is the first beat that takes place. If someone were already an avid listener of Mujo’s work, then the aesthetic of the track may be instantly recognizable. Like each of these tracks, the beat holds the lo-fi quality adorned by Mujo. The lo-fi aesthetic is recognized by the drum and snares that Mujo likes to use. One to two hi-hats supported by a compressed snare drum.

While the first track is slow-paced and warm, the heat is sparked a little more with the quiet beat Ice-Lolly. The beat has one of the most calming beat patterns I have ever heard for a winter-themed project. This goes the same for the following tracks such as Purple Clouds, Short Days, Warm House, etc.

These are simple beats that average between a minute-and-a-half and two minutes. The whole project sizzles with warmth and adds to the cheery feeling of the winter season.

My personal favorite beats from here are Honey Cake and White Lake. The track White Lake samples a piano riff that rides along smoothly with the one-two step beat pattern. The track Honey Cake is lusciously crafted with a Jazz piano sample matched with the same formula.



What makes this project appropriate is the wholly attributed from the feeling of the season. This will not spark goosebumps or raise any hairs but throughout a year of daily hassles and time-constraint schedules, this acts as the perfect accordance to a season meant for a period of an oasis.

Mujo has a recognizable formula at this point, with his music reaching over 800,000 listens every month. Not much of Hakone is to be seen on any music streaming platforms yet, but hopefully, this will serve as a starting point in his beat constructing odyssey.









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