Shall Not Fade’s Deep House Revival With ‘3 Years of Dancing’

Europe’s influence on House music is steadily becoming a prominent, ever-growing behemoth over the genre itself. Throughout the continent, Sweden managed to carry DJ Seinfeld, as the U.K. raised the likes of DJ Boring, Mall Grab, and Harrison BDP. The interesting case, as a result, is a small movement that garners supporters of both Deep House and the nightclub life.


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For the handful of years this movement has been breathing, a new shift in musical perspective has been unleashed by both listeners and related musicians. This movement showed that slow music was still a marketable force, and people are still willing to listen to House music, both casually and fervently.

Found in 2015, the label Shall Not Fade has been curating these tracks and musicians that represent the esoteric domain of House and Dance music. Shall Not Fade’s 3 Years of Dancing serves as a recollection of this practice. Tracks played in a booming stereo, compressed in heavy undertones and lo-fi codeine filters are what make up the sixty tracks compiled here.

These sixty tracks reveal their own primal characters, coloring the fun array of sounds the compilation has to offer. As a collection, these various artists all agree upon the specific mantra. The mantra being the figurehead of the sound that has been lurking beneath the platform of music for a time being.


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The most apparent figures of the movement mark their territory in this album. Mall Grab’s Happiness and The Other Side make an appearance here. Nicholas lacerates the compilation with the ethereal Jazz and Samba-infused track Ancient Future. Adryiano showcases his sedative dialect with the tracks Dreams With, Nite Talk, and Not so Easy.

My personal favorite track from this album is the tune Get with You by Anthony Fade. Get with You is as bouncy as it is seething. The airy inducement that the chords implement to the booming mashes of the bass creative such a sedative experience that hasn’t been matched by a lot of artists yet.

Which is why an album like this conducts a riveting, unique experience. 3 Years of Dancing is fun to listen to, without the bombastic display of technical ability or the uninspired mush from those who haven’t studied their genre yet.


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Hopefully, Shall Not Fade keep their word and continue forward with their progress, releasing music for the watchers of arcane music.




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