The Odd Mind of Aby Fulani

The appearance of Parisian Aby Fulani is rarely to be seen. Recently featured on rapper and producer Rago Foot’s project, WE NEED TO TALK, the poet held a two-minute segment on the track A Visitor. His prose conducted over eerie chimes was something that was hard to grasp, yet was one of the more entrancing segments of the project.

Just like his contribution to the song, Fulani’s music isn’t easy to comprehend. As well as a poet, Fulani creates other-worldly sounds as his main attraction. His music contains vivid sound bites and instruments that are arranged into sultry, cohesive beats. It would be an understatement to classify his music as “Lo-Fi.” His sound seems to sink much deeper into a thoughtful abyss.


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His mixtape Cosmogonic Tales EP is a prime example of the eccentricity he displays. The introduction track Betasplendens (Intro) is a humid, lowly-pitched beat that slows down time itself and allows the listener to ponder its melancholy. The three-minute beat Micoffi swerves into different sounds and textures, all flowing along with a quiet, contemplative tone.

Cosmogonic Tales EP to me can be best exemplified as a mixture between the sampling technique of Hip-Hop producer Knxwledge and the hazy sound of Lo-Fi producer Youtaro.


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Fulani’s Bedtime Stories: Underwater Love EP is a little crisper in production. Tracks like Perfect Blue and Nice Journey are heartwarming vignettes served perfectly in the midst of a cold night, just as the EP cover suggests. Although, it still seems to follow that calm ambiance that he periodically delivers as his signature sound.

Fulani’s image isn’t seen as a much beyond a few hundred followers on Soundcloud, but as time prevails and his music continues to progress, hopefully, so will his musical identity.


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