FloFilz Masters His Sampling Technique on ‘Transit’

Through the constant turbulence and disarray we consistently witness on a day-to-day basis, it is hard to see the more simple aspects of our lives. The little pleasures and the insipid carelessness of taking routes through the countrysides, the urban mazes, and the suburban havens.

This isn’t translated literally in FloFilz’ new album, Transit. Instead, they are assumed through these inspired and carefully constructed Jazz-Hop beats. Hip-Hop tracks that take the pleasure of using saxophone and piano samples and producing glimmers of light and joy.


Image from flofilzmpm.bandcamp.com

Jazz is a powerful staple in FloFilz’ music career, and Transit reiterates this statement with abrasive confidence. Transit is divided into eighteen tracks. The sampling material ranges from a plethora of Jazz musicians and eras, inspired by different styles and voices. These tracks are then carefully layered with a woven pattern of Hip-Hop drums and dialogue snippets.

The track Tube Trouble portrays an obvious disassociation between the old and new. The listener could hear the old clips of brass instruments and 1970s’ inspired chords but are draped along with a modernized, booming and rattling drum pattern.


Image from flofilzmpm.bandcamp.com

Ramen For Breakfast extols its sampling power with smoothly arranged jazz and oriental music samples, again layered by carefully patterned drumming. Telegraph Hill Park perfectly places the piano chords and strings in its most lucid and thoughtful arrangement. In this track, nothing feels out of place, and the strength of sampling comes into full force with this track.

Transit is another delicacy for the listener to treat himself or herself to. Although Jazz Hop music is typically thought of as background noise for studying sessions, Transit proves that sampling and sound choices are a skill in itself, with FloFilz having mastered that skill up to this point.


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