A Cult Classic’s LOST LULLABIES (Unreleased Samurai Champloo Tracks)

Samurai Champloo aired on Adult Swim fifteen years ago. Watanabe’s cult classic series recreated the spark not yet attempted in a style of this manner. This time, Edo period Japan has dressed in the stylistic textures of ambient Hip-Hop music. This odd transfusion entailed a legion of followers who gravitated towards the natural color mixture of these to seemingly independent studies.

The show followed three contrasting personalities who venture through Feudal Japan in search of “the samurai who smelled of sunflowers.” The zany misadventures mixed with unique and gorgeous Hip-Hop craftsmanship matched perfectly and left a mark in both music and animation history.


Image from amazon.com

Although three albums of the show’s soundtrack were released, many tracks still remained untouched and unreleased. These included production from the show’s musicians, such as Fat Jon, Tsutchie, and even the venerable Nujabes (Rest in Peace).

With the advent of modern mixing and music production came along the ability to find the magic that was until then, ingrained only in segments of the show.

A talented musician and mixer by the name of 2 Mello ripped through the seaming tide of this obstacle. Sharing the unreleased tracks in perfected, flawless quality, LOST LULLABIES is a discovery that penetrated through the boundary.


Image from last.fm

LOST LULLABIES contains nineteen tracks of the show’s hidden and remembered tracks. These include the raw and menacing instrumental loops of Tsutchie, the atmospheric ambiance of Fat Jon’s music, and the invigorating sampling material of Nujabes.

The track Two More Left! (presumably a Fat Jon track) is a joyful, mystical track that I have witnessed for a spare moment in the show, only to have it replaying in my desperate memory. The minute-long track Mugen vs. Umanosuke loops a sporadic piano onslaught and inimically drapes it with a perfectly suited drum set for a battle.

These tracks can now be replayed by the dedicated fans of this short but memorable series. To those who sourced the material, AMALGAM, TheeFrenzy, sndrnchd, and to 2 Mello, great service has been committed by your hands.

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