South Africa’s Lilac Jeans are a Powerhouse Duo

Linda Sikshona and Floyd Nkonyane of Lilac Jeans are a tour de force. Sound bedouins who are tracing their vigor beyond South Africa and into the abstract world of House music. There work effort is consistent and strong, as all their music and business derives from their own bodies and hustle. Best Vocal House (Since 2011-2015) showcase their incessant work ethic and innate capabilities.

The 21-track compilation serves the original intention of House music; to subdue the mind and take control of the spirit. This compilation strategically picks out the tracks that Lilac Jeans believe is their best work that involves a vocal caliber, in order to serve that purpose.


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The ethereal instrumentals matched with the feminine voices submerge perfectly. In each of these tracks, with the exception of a few reoccurring vocalists, a different voice is matched with a different aura.

The track This Love is a billowing melody that uses every element in their most harmonizing levels. The first two minutes intricately amplifies the hazy aura. Once the chords placate the seething vibrations, Sio Blackwidow comes in and takes the center of the stage. Blackwidow’s vocals dance along with the plume of meditative drum choices, serving as probably one of the most calming House tracks I’ve ever heard.


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The track Hold On takes the meditative quality of This Love and links its energy to a more samba, dance like House track. Kele B’s motivational dialogue is crenulated perfectly with the bouncing drum pattern and mystical chords. Lilac Jeans know merge every musical element they use and coalesce with grace and ease.

As time will dictate, their business regimen will blossom into something beyond their vision. Talent will always be noticed somewhere. In due time, Lilac Jeans will see their work used for the better of the musical world.


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