Young Poet MIKE Comes Through With ‘Tears of Joy’

Discordant skips and melancholic proses are what makeup MIKE’s musical career, especially his new ambitious effort entitled Tears of Joy. MIKE is a young poet and beatmaker with a somber heart and transparent ambition. His mind is tapered to the abstract realm and is unable to release its own chains from the burden.

Playing around with the soundscapes voyaged by the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Pink Siifu, (his personal affiliates), MF Doom, and Knxwledge, MIKE is the next shock in this obscure, avant-garde Jazz Rap genre.


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Tears of Joy is MIKE’s next catalyst in the midst of the Rap Renaissance. Tears of Joy may also be his most ambitious project to date. The album consists of twenty tracks that swish and sway back and forth with boundary-pushing sounds and mind-altering lyricism. The concepts range from isolated strife to macroeconomic problems, but the overall despondency is present and breathing.

The track Ain’t No Love has MIKE holding his poetic breath for a minute, expelling all the literary devices he needed to exude from his chest. The relief of growth and developed strength is dissected in abstract writing and well aware of its self. MIKE then takes his breather, allowing the sampled dialogue to take place and help transition to the next segment.


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Along with his prophetic vocality comes his instrumental snippets. The track #Memories, which features vocals from duendita, is an atmospheric loop that soars through a hurdling bass, vocals, and drums. It doesn’t let go of the unique flare the project has kept lit throughout its duration.

Tears of Joy is as varied as it is beautiful. The somber feeling doesn’t float away but will prance around in the mind-whirling sounds that MIKE and his team developed. The young artist has a long way to go, but will hopefully include this album as one of his most cherished accolades.



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