Harrison BDP Returns To House Music with ‘Mind Control EP’

House artist Harrison BDP’s Decompression single currently has over 6-and-a-half million views on YouTube. Fairing against the popularity of DJ Boring’s Winona track, it seems that Deep House music has never faded away from the garment of the music industry.

Harrison BDP came back from his hiatus with his new EP entitled Mind Control. Released on Gestalt Records, Mind Control EP is made up of four tracks that emit vibrant lighting with a molten flow. The project is essentially an acid party which radiates joy and eludes a lot of sensation.


Image from gestaltlabel.bandcamp.com

The track titled Faith is an eight-minute single which gleams in ecstasy. The first minute entrancingly delves into a drum pattern which entices the ethereal chord lines, then matched with sampled dialogue chops. Throughout the duration, the track adds in textured layers of these instrumental choices, constructing the perfect House track five minutes in.

The track Mind Control partakes in the same procedure. This time, the chords adapt themselves in outer space, dancing along with the different star-studded drums. The different instrumental choices are seen here keep the track alive, never witnessing a dull moment in sight.

These four tracks adhere to Harrison BDP’s touch of fire and can even serve as an exciting preview for upcoming tracks in the future. Gestalt Records has found another good accolade to add to its discography.



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