Lounging in the Sun with xPanda’s ‘// View1’

Young beat producer xPanda is a proud employee of Caliva; a company focused on the selling and distribution of cannabis-based products. Caliva has a dedicated cadre behind the branding and marketing of this open-space for pro-cannabis concentration.

xPanda is a part of the team and seems to be a very well-fit element to the whole. In his brief introduction, he states using cannabis as inspiration for his enmeshed Jazz and Hip-Hop production. The young auteur’s latest project, cryptically entitled ‘// View1,’ personifies his employee status perfectly.


Image from xpanda.bandcamp.com

The project is eleven tracks of simply constructed, hazy portraits that fit perfectly for a beautiful Sunday afternoon at Millenium Park. The tracks here radiate like a special solstice. Brief segments of leisurely joy and meditative ambiance portrayed in the classic Jazz and Hip-Hop collaborative style.

The music here relates to the work of modern-Lo-Fi renovators such as Saib and bsd.u. The track Event One has a noticeable drum and snares pattern that jingle together in crenulated fashion.  The track Class Sessions joyfully envelopes a Bebop Jazz sample with a harmonious drum and chord progression.

‘// View1’ is the perfect project for the lazy Sundays that the lunacy of the world needs once in a while.

Listen to ‘// View1’ below and don’t forget to support the artist. 


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