Linanthem’s Search for Peace with ‘(self) reflection’

Retweeted from bsd.u’s Soundcloud page, another obscure and wholesome Lo-fi EP has been discovered. Linanthem’s ‘(self) reflection’ EP is an eight-track project with a simple intonation and a vigor for life.

Linanthem is a college-aged producer who yearns for tranquil endings. The samples he uses in his music demonstrate his search for brief moments of ease. As his search leads him to the right samples, it results in plentiful beats that make the use of chirping birds and somber piano chords for added beauty to these Hip-Hop instrumentals.


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The eight tracks here are Lo-fi loops coded with compressed noise and moments of natural soundscapes. In the track ‘elevated,’ the chirping of birds exude away from the sample dialogue of a man pontificating the Buddhist meaning of escape. The chirping then transfuses with the looping structure of drums and snares, creating its own ambiance.

In the track ‘moonlight,’ sampled piano chords are dutifully ingrained in the quiet structure of playable drums. The track melts with grace, as in the halfway point, the reverberation of the track becomes heavy and subdued. This project is filled with inspired Jazz samples draped by the force of Hip-Hop.

Linanthem has a vast catalog of these cherishable moments in his Bandcamp and Soundcloud page. ‘(self) reflection’ is his latest expression; his season of bliss.

Listen to (self) reflection below



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