The Wilderness Sets a New Height with ‘Fall (Despite What You Do)’


Kanye West developed his peculiar 2017 album, Ye, secluded, on the tip of a snowy mountain peak in Wyoming. Although critics and fans agreed that it wasn’t his greatest album yet, it still was a crucial motive for his creative process. Creation under isolation spurs a beautiful process that comes from the uninterrupted soul of the artist.

The Wilderness is a Rock band that enmeshes the sounds of Folk and Rock into a beautiful embalm. After finishing up their tour, the group decided to take a three-week hiatus in the secluded, snow-capped mountains of Vermont. The result is a series of purely personal portraits, one of them being the newly released single titled Fall (Despite What You Do).

Wilderness 2-2

Despite the title stating a somewhat cynical motive, the single itself is wavery and sweet, even slightly moving. The band’s vocalist Jonas Lewis-Anthony relayed the inspiration behind the single, describing that

“Certain things happen in life that spiral completely out of control and we often find ourselves powerless to the situation. Sometimes the only thing you can do is ride the wave of whatever happens and accept that sometimes, despite what you do, you’re going to fight a few battles that you will eventually lose.”

Fall (Despite What You Do) is emotively compact as it is assuring. Essentially, it’s a letter of offered comfort and warning to a loved one. The single starts out with Lewis-Anthony saying “I’m just a ways down the road and I’m on my way home. So if you need to call, something must be terribly wrong.”


Image from The Wilderness’ Soundcloud page

Along with that, the subtle strings help progress to a drum section. The coalescence between the drums and guitar strings help alleviate the somber lyrics. Under the garment of regret is a promise to be made. Throughout the single, as the instrumentation becomes louder, Lewis-Anthony howls his promise even more loudly.

Fall (Despite What You Do) is a single that personifies the emotional vigor that The Wilderness wanted to manifest in their isolated band sessions. Hopefully, their later material will have this much passion behind them.


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