Jacinto’s Journey with Wun Two’s Pirata

German beat producer Wun Two has released his longest project to date. Entitled Pirata, the album is fine-tuned and cohesive with thirty-two tracks. The instrumental Hip-Hop album includes features German Hip-Hop producer Hubert Daviz, and oddly enough, narration from semi-humorist and rapper UglyGod.

Pirata is divided into four chapters, with the supporting beats filling in for the sonorous journey. In these chapters, a boy named Jacinto strives to be a courageous and fearless pirate like his father. Initially feeling unworthy, Jacinto ventures off into the vast sea in search of an anonymous island, where it is believed that an enclosure of vast gold is protected by the horrendous demon, Orobas.


Image from wuntwo.bandcamp.com

With such an adventurous narrative behind it, the instrumentals are still consistently blissful. There are old twangs and odd guitar strings that Wun Two will sample from obscure VHS or tapes or dialogues. Somehow, he manages to loop them in perfected Hip-Hop accordance.

Concentrated on the pirate theme, Wun Two relishes his love for exotic Jazz and Samba samples throughout the project. The number of guitars and electric keys sampled appropriates itself for the summer season. The track Seegarn compresses its sample heavily, then loops the sample in accordance with his typical, slow and thoughtful beat pattern.


Image from wuntwo.bandcamp.com

In the track Exotica, Wun Two takes minimalism to its concrete core. A simple beat loop is worn over a sampled clip from an old movie. For the minute, those two elements manage to create a sensation that only someone like Wun Two could create.

Pirata is a simplistic yet gorgeously crafted album. An album for the summer oasis.

Listen to Pirata below. 



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