Pyramid Vritra Introduces a New Voice on ‘PV VS RED BAG’

Former Odd Future-affiliate Pyramid Vritra seems to be one of the only former members extending the influence of the deceased coterie. The ambient lines of chords matched with Drill/Trap snares automatically remind me of the heyday of new-age teenage rebellion and outcast culture.

Even after all these years, Pyramid Vritra is busily releasing project after project, even making an appearance in Pink Siifu’s 2018 album, ensley. His style is known to combine the obscurity of his musical character with the relevant sounds of modern Hip-Hop and Rap music.


Image from Pyramid Vritra’s Twitter page

In his new seven-track project, Vritra brings along a new and fresh name, Red Bag. All we know at this point is that Red Bag holds a hoarse breath. Vritra will add vocals as a secondary voice to each track as well.

The track Wait a Minute has glitchy production that has Red Bag spewing catchy liners throughout the first half of the song. Vritra comes in the second half of the track with his soft-spoken dialect.

PV VS RED BAG is filled with cloudy chords and Trap drums that account for an enjoyable listen. Although not Vritra’s most memorable project to date, this is a decent introduction to Red Bag’s catalog. It would be worth keeping up with his work, as well as Vritra’s continuous efforts.

Listen to PV VS RED BAG below:

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